Is cocaine worth trying?

The moral hangover? Is this a new thing or did you get up to some really dodgy shite?

Completely agree, weed would be my first choice for legalisation with more restrictions on alcohol, but that’s never gonna happen so I’m just hoping for some sort of decriminalisation for possession for use on all substances with a massive revision of the education on drugs and a massive injection of funding for education/ rehabilitation.

The drug issues and social issues/ health issues and public funding spent on hospitals and substance related issues is only going to get more frequent and costlier in all sorts of ways.

It’s a pity our government seems to be 99% reactionary and 0.1 % precautionary/ prevention oriented.

The social disparage inequality will increase, the anti social and anti government sentiment continue and the politicians will never even have to see a single minute of it locked away in middle/upper class delusions.

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