concept map rdr3, let me know what you think

It's very cool and took a lot of time in sure!

However, I think everything surrounding the rdr2 map is too small. It needs to be bigger in scale compared to the rdr2 map. It's also a bit off. Like amberino is meant to be Colorado and the grizzlies the rocky mountains. In this map the grizzlies extend all the way to Michigan. That river is also MASSIVE compared to the rest of the continent. And of course I need to mention, as someone who lives on one of the great lakes, how there are no great lakes :( I want to be able to visit a town based on my general area. There's also no NYC which is considered canon in rdr, and "the Yukon" is mentioned in rdr2 which likely refers to a region in Canada but I think that should be labeled

I know it's really hard considering they took massive liberties when making these games compared to the real geography, but I feel like it can be a little closer

All of my nitpicks aside this is amazing work and I've thought about this concept countless times, thank you for making it. Speculating on the geography beyond the rdr universe should be a bigger topic because it's just so damn fascinating. I hope we get to see more renditions in the future and eventually a rdr3 that expands on the map even more. I just hope if that happens, that we actually get a long, fleshed out story across ALL of the map unlike in rdr2, where the majority of the rdr1 portion went unused

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