Contessa vs Yugi Moto/Yami

Spoilers are weird. Thank you, anyway,

She's essentially walking deus ex machina in certain situations

So is Yugi Moto. He has only ever lost when he decided to(as far as i know, i stopped watching the later seasons).

Her ability would know the outcome ahead of a hypothetical flip ahead of time.

Yugi could, and would, manipulate the flip. His powers would allow that, and would allow him to cause a truly random event.

If there's any course of action that leads to victory, any at all, she'll take it.

Unless she has some feats predicting the positions of quantum particles, i don't think you can claim that probability does not exist for her.

If she has feats predicting truly random events(not a coin flip or a dice roll, more like being able to predict the decay of an atom or the spin and position of a sub atomic particle) then you could make that claim. As i understand it, she has only predicted natural phenomena on a Newtonian scale, which is essentially deterministic, which it why her power works in such an adamant way.

I have not actually read Worm, but if you can think of a time where her abilities had to factor in a quantum event that was truly random, then i concede. Otherwise, to assume probability does not exist for her simply because her ability has worked so far in a newtonian way would be a no limits fallacy, i believe.

If she can beat the Hiesenburg uncertainly principle, she can beat Yugi.

Let me ask another question, if contessa had to look at a schrodinger's cat experiment, what would she predict? if a particle was in superposition, where would she say it is? Assumeing her goal is to be correct.

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