Could you please review my new shopify store

I read this and i dont like it;

"Shipping time: This refers to the time it takes for items to be shipped from our warehouse to the destination.International delivery usually takes about 15–30 business days.

 After processing and leaving the warehouse, items usually take between 14 and 21 days to arrive to US, and between 15 and 40 to other countries. These numbers may vary depending on the logistic criteria, but usually orders arrive in time.

You can track your order using your tracking number you received when your order is shipped. Just put your tracking number in the Tracking page."

My review processssss is that if it takes too long to deliver, plenty of consumers would compare and contrast speed of delivery resulting in lost sales. And you have a picture of a wooden brush but no page for it. Some people find it nerve wrecking that they cant view or buy something that the website shows a photo of. Like that cute bracelet on a hand holding champagne. Or that champagne.

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