The creepy/unexplained story threads on r/Askreddit are littered with great humanoid encounter-ish stories. Here are some of my favorites that I've come across. What are some of yours?

Here's another one that I love but I don't have a link to it anymore.

My friend worked at a Harrah's Casino in Maricopa, Arizona. Anyone familiar with the area knows that this particular casino is out in the middle of nowhere on the Native American reservation. Anyway my friend is a normal, emotionally stable white guy who is atheist. He was working late around 3AM on the casino floor. He is a night owl so he was wide awake since this is his normal shift. He is not a drug addict or one to make up bullshit stories. So here he is in this empty casino walking into the vacant men's bathroom on the opposite side of the casino floor. He walks in, does his business in the urinal and turns around to go wash his hands when he notices someone standing at the sink staring into the mirror. He thinks to himself, "that's strange, I didn't even hear anybody walk in". He gets closer to a sink about 5 rows down and begins washing his hands. He glances over again to realize it was not a man that was standing at the sink but a woman in a red dress. Right when he is about to say something about her using the wrong restroom this "woman" turns her head slowly towards him and he just stares at her kind of in disbelief thinking this chick must be drunk or blind to not realize she was in the men's bathroom. As her head slowly turns her eyes were a dark glowing red. He describes it as the red eye you would get when taking a photo of someone. He freaks out, doesn't know what the fuck is happening and looks down to notice she doesn't have any legs, instead she has what he described as the bottom half of a deer for legs and she was walking on hooves. Anyway as this thing turns towards him it starts to move aggressively and my friend ran out of the bathroom obviously scared shitless. He had his buddy review the surveillance tape of that area around the bathroom but all that was seen was him going into the bathroom then him running out of the bathroom. He may have experienced this.

LAWRENCE Ok first, I am a pure skeptic and rationalist. By no explanation, I mean I have no explanation. Nor will I attempt one. A few years back I and a friend of mine (we called him Tacklebox) went over to another friend's house (J-bot). The living room is on the second floor and the ceiling is made of a very weak particle board-like substance, flaky and painted white. On one of these ceiling tiles, there was a scrape that ended with a large hole. It sat just over where J-bot had placed his T.V. So, the three of us are hanging out, watching a really bad b-rate film about giant insects on the syfy channel, when Tacklebox glances up and says ,"yo, is that spider in that hole?" J-bot and I look at him and start laughing. His obvious attempt at scaring us because we were a little high and watching the film we were watching was a complete failure. "No, guys I'm serious, " he says, but there's some gravity behind his voice and expression. So, J-bot and I, sitting on the floor, stare deep into the hole, looking for something resembling a spider. The hole was probably large enough to put two fist through and I was staring at what may have been loosely hanging fabric, draped lightly around the inside of it. Then, suddenly, what manifested due to its movement, was something resembling fingers, crooked, bent and jointed,that scurried backward into the hole. Panicking, we found ourselves on the other side of the living room frantic for an explanation. What we saw was not a spider, and even if it was, it was larger than even a tarantula. We weren't sure what to do, so we slowly approached the hole, on foot, and I took cover behind the loveseat, peaking up over the back support. That's when I saw the craziest thing. It stuck something out through the whole. It was a light brown and grey with lighter grey spots, but it resembled a periscope, but rounded and stubbier, spinning around, scanning the area. My imagination struggled with what I was seeing. My brain just couldn't come up with any explanations. I actually began to accept the fact that it was extraterrestrial, because I had nothing else. Then we grabbed a piece of cardboard and some courage, rushed to the hole, placed the cardboard over, taped it down and then re-taped it for good measure. Then we named the ceiling-beast Lawrence. That cardboard stayed up there for years, with warnings all over it. If anyone so much as pretended to take it down, anyone present for the initial incident would dart from the room and down the stairs. No explanation.

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