Custom mousepad featuring the Hashira! Original fanart by か た る に

Sorry, really tired and maybe misunderstood this thread. I know a few artists that feel negatively when their art is used without permission, even if it’s someone’s background screen. You bypassed the artist (unless you asked for permission) and used their art in a way that could have been a revenue source.

It’s like.... when you downloaded songs off limewire for “free”, (gave your computer aids in the process) and the artist didn’t see their percentage of $$. You’re using it for your enjoyment, but enjoyment doesn’t put food on the table. Does this make sense? Maybe purchase something off the artists website or write them a note for a custom piece. I know a lot of artists who put their graphics on all sorts of things with third party sites (mousepads included). The artist is able to make a percentage of things sold.

Then again... it is art based off someone else’s art. Who would be ripping off who then??? XD

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