The Death of a Fallen Star

Alysanne stood off to the side watching the two men interact. She couldn't believe this was actually happening. I will avenge you. Jasper will pay for this.

She tried not to allow her anger to over come her, resting her laced hands over her stomach. A daughter? She shook the thought as Arthur looked to her, speaking to her in her mother tongue just before closing his eyes. She nodded in understanding. High Valyrian was taught along side to common tongue to her as a child thanks to her father. Yes it is...

The Dragon Queen rested her hand on Valarr's shoulder, holding back tears of her own. "Let us go," she said softly.

Valarr rose and followed Alysanne out of Lord Dayne's chambers. The couple's walk down the halls was a quiet one, neither of them knowing quite how to respond to the the new situation at hand.

"Your Graces," the pair heard a familiar voice called out from behind them. The dragons turned to see Ser Caswell approaching them. "Yes, Ser Caswell, is everything alright," Alysanne asked. His face showed no emotion which worried Aly. Over the past five years that Ser Caswell had been in service to Alysanne, she had learned to read his expressions. And this one, meant possible bad news.

"I'm afraid I cannot answer that, your Grace. I went to Ser Luthor's room to inform him of Lord Dayne's condition," he said as he stopped in front of the couple. "Ser Luthor was not in his room nor was his sword. But his armor was still there and this note was on left on his desk. It's addressed to you my Queen."

Lucas handed the queen the rolled parchment. Aly looked to Valarr confused as she took it from her sworn sword. Seeing the seal of House Tyrell made her stomach drop. Please... not now.

Alysanne unrolled the parchment, the two men standing silently as she read Luthor's words.

"No. No. No. No," she said softly. Her head dropped and her long, loose silver hair surrounded her face, hiding the tears that fell unapologetically.

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