Denmark: Calls for Muhammad cartoons in school textbooks

I'm not sure the example would be well chosen, anyway. Leopold II's "ideology" was profit and profit alone.

I guess you didn't take the hint. "Profit" is another word for "capitalism". An ideology we all subscribe to. Take it too far and you get Congo Free State. Yet in China Capitalism has helped elevate about a billion people from poverty. We all follow capitalism to some degree. But it can be viscous and kills people all over the world. All the time. Not only in Congo. There are countries and people that take Islam too far. Yet they don't produce nearly as much suffering and killing as capitalism does. Alas, I forgot you don't rate evil. To you one death is the same as a million. Though we are all capitalists, aren't we? Yet we are not really persecuting capitalists like we do with Muslims. Luckily, I must say.

You're a racist because you apparently conflate race and religion.

Conflating race and religion is racism? How? When? Where did you get that from?

And I don't personally conflate race and Islam. I am simply noting that racist people like to deflect from their racism by using excuses like "religion". How would that make me the racist?

My whole point is that I don't really care about Islam. I am not a conservative. I don't agree with many (probabely most) Muslims. But they are born into it. Believe in it. It is a very old tradition/culture/religion. It won't change overnight. Some Muslims are shitty, some are decent. Some are fairly liberal. Especially second and third generation Europeans.

What I have a problem with is when people get persecuted and discriminated against. Like Muslims in Europe right now. Instead of judged individually based on their individual actions. Our consititution guarentees religious freedom. You are free to believe what you want.

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