Depression Prevention: State Mandated Screenings, Software that Detects it, Growing Evidence of a Cure, and Reasoning why People Suffer from it.

Theirs several different types of medication that help with depression, and sometimes you don't even need any of them for help anyway.

If you have depression, then you should consult a doctor/psychiatrist. I don't know about the US, but up here in canada, we have special services specifically designed to help people with various mental illness. Its like a help line, but instead of just a phone-line, its also a open clinic of sorts.

A few years ago, my depression got so bad I was consistently contemplating suicide on a regular basis. I tried every single thing reddit loves to advertise (Drugs are bad and don't do anything blahblahblah) and it suddenly came to halt when I tried to stab myself and my sister with a knife. I spent 2-3 weeks recovering and taking a multitude of tests.

I have Chronic depression, severe PTSD combined with Unmedicated ADHD. The combination of these 3 is incredibly dangerous when not monitored. (I always knew that I had ADHD, but people online told me the medication was bullshit and that I didn't need it. Look where that got me..)

I'm now doing better, but still have a little while to go before I can be fit to work. And I can't put to words how grateful I am for the doctors and psychiatrists I saw (And still see) that did everything they could to help me. I really should have seen them sooner.

My point is, don't just assume your an expert in something because you've read something in a news article or reddit. If you have depression, seek professional* help. Despite what reddit thinks, they want to help you. But they can't help you if you don't take the first step.

I'm not saying that medication is for everyone. But self-diagnosis has taken many lifes and ruined many more. Just do the responsible thing.

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