Discussion about Mindcrack power posters like JamiroFan2000

Well, firstly, let me say, thank you /u/KadabraJuices, you pretty much articulated my original post on here way better than I ever could. Main reason why I deleted that original post was, in the past, whenever this polarizing topic was brought up or similar toics, the innocence of the open discussion would end up being swamped up by the 'small minority of trolls' and their rhetoric, and I had remedied my Legit foibles in my contributions/content posting (some of which didn't even when they didn't really warrant it), from changing the time of day when I posted the majority of my daily posts to stopping specific ways I posted (First, less Emojis, second, having to predict the emotional state of the user reading my comments and not trying to come off as "all that").

But ignoring the glaring "troll baits" of comments (any posts that I put up on /u/MindcrackCircleJerk are supposed to be taken with a grain of salt and are intended to be comical, not commercial towards a established reputation, hi, it's a darn Circlejerk subreddit, if that doesn't process in one's mind then your trying too hard to solidify a point that isn't there), I have had to read, I will honestly answer your 3 questions, /u/KadabraJuices:

QUESTION #1 Answer: Well, I won't go into the specifics of my personal life, let's just say I'm harding-working joe with your typical 9-5 job, if many had actually read all my comments/posts in the past then they would have put those lego blocks together. The Mindcrack Subreddit isn't a professional job OR even a career, I merely contribute there/elsewhere simply cause I support Minecraft, the Mindcrackers and really find so much daily entertainment out of their hard work they put into their content. I consider my work (if you could even consider it that) on the subreddit as a form of 'giving back' to a community and furthering a support of the community. And when other fans, whether inspired/not inspired/on their own fruition, come on the subreddit and start contributing, I never look at them as lessers, I go the extra mile and help them whenever they have a question/need advice or whatever (ask any of my fellows, from /u/NotYorkiePudding to /u/UnpluggedRiot to /u/GoldenAppleGuy and they will atest to that). I also applaud the artists/statistics people/daily post creators in their posts on the subreddit with kind comments when I can, where I can, if you don't personally see them then your not reading my comments and are purely using that additional info as an 'unfounded talking point'.

QUESTION #2 Answer: I honestly don't know, I tire of thinking about it and having to defend myself to their hateful torrents of anonymous comment abuse when it arises countless times. I think it's really a mixture of trolls, misinterpretations, fair arguments sussed out by emotional responses & all the social media relayed gobbledygook that comes with being on the internet for an extended amount of time each day. As I touched on in my Question #1 Answer, unless a moderator/admin asked me personally to stop doing something, then I would immediately stop doing it for the welfare of the community. The first real request I got was from a Mindcracker, Baj to be specific, he noticed on a post a bunch of trolls/users were complaining that I would contributing too many posts on the Mindcrack Subreddit, bearing in mind there wasn't a 'Set Subreddit Rule' against the # content one user could post, I reciprocated by promising to only post in the afternoon (that's why you see a majority of my posts only coming in that time of day). Then in a few other occasions, there were similar dust-ups, ranging from how Group Events should be posted on the subreddit to other issues, which were all fixed through clear and concise communication.

QUESTION #3 Answer: Why do I do this? Why do I spend nearly 4-5 hours a day of my life on the Mindcrack Subredit contributing? Why do I continue to take the bulk of the anti-JamiroFan2000 rhetoric from the trolldom? Well, It's a simple answer that makes many demand further explanations which they won't get unless they're like Brad Pitt in the film 'Seven' yelping impatiently, "WHAT'S IN THE BOX? COME ON, WHAT'S IN THE BOX!" And that answer is....I love Mindcrack, I find solice in supporting the brand, their content, meeting fellow fans, making friends along the way and seeing all the amazing new games given that Mindcrack brand of entertaining commentary/gameplay. Now, I'm not only a big fan of Mindcrack, I also watch ALOT of Markiplier/Game Grumps and so forth, Youtube IS the new entertainment media in a digital realm that slowly transitioning into "Customer controlled VOD" anchored by Netflix and other burgeoning entertainment portals. Will Youtube become the next Netflix? It's pretty much at that level in the current internet, at least in my opinion, and with it a whole new generation of entertainment/entertainers with it.

However everyone's opinion are about me, please for once, if it's merely to keep the sanity of this discussion, just consider for once that I'm not what others paint me as conversationally, just consider that I'm just a regular guy doing REDDIT for the love of Mindcrack and it's immense community. In closing, hopefully last time I have to defend myself till the next kerfuffle that comes along, I would like to thank...yes, your actually reading this, so spin however you like, I would like to thank everyone who contributes in the Mindcrack Community and I mean EVERYONE..hopefully I answered your questions to the best of my ability, knowing how REDDIT is firsthand, I will never answer any questions perfectly or honestly. Take care...

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