[Discussion] Manipulative jerk trying to say that Topa’s arc is Transphobic, need to vent

Is anyone here actually trans? I love Topa's arc, and I loved the way Mocalans were put in their place, but just because you love something doesn't mean it cannot be critiqued. There were some aspects of Topa's arc that were transphobic. The mocalans in general can be considered problematic in many aspects.

That doesn't mean that the show is bad or has to be 'cancelled'. A lot of you need to learn how to take critique on aspects. McFarlene isn't trans nor is the cast, so it was a very shaky topic. They didn't do it well. That's okay. It's okay to say that. The show overall is remarkable but that doesn't mean its above critique. Especially when it comes to writing narratives that you don't experience

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