Donald Trump's new (used) 757 in Des Moines, Iowa for Iowa Republican Summit by @RepJeffDuncan

I like how you automatically declare me jealous of Donald Trump despite knowing nothing of my background... As an American Who has more than a passing familiarity with good fortune and wealth I am generally opposed to those using it to flaunt their own self-worth in the face of those who have been less fortunate in life, especially when one did very little turned his own wealth in the first place (Trump's kind of a shitty businessman).

When one earns or comes into a substantial amount of money, that does not make them better than others or give them any specific right to flaunt their fortune in the face of those who have less. Doing so represents an extreme disconnect between themselves and the rest of society, and is frankly extremely selfish. The wealthy among us are permitted to remain wealthy because society as a whole has decided that that is a construct in which we wish to live. By considering oneself as superior to the society which provides for them and their opportunities, all they do is show that when it comes down to it, the only person who's happiness or life matters is their own.

Ask yourself this: did the CEO of a fortune 500 Corporation really do so much more work of such a superior quality that they are entitled to have three giant Yachts while people across the World often don't even have enough to eat? For some reason society has said that yes this is the case, though I think it is a very difficult argument to objectively defend. After one has obtained a certain amount of money, the only purpose for flaunting and gathering excessive wealth is to show others that you consider yourself to be better than them. No actual benefit is apply to your life after a certain point.

It is certainly within Mr. Trump's, as well as others who share large fortunes and choose to flaunt them as he does, right to use their resources to flaunt their own presence and engage in a life of excess luxury. That being said, while it is there right, I would argue that it is extremely a moral and downright greedy to live one's life in a way that explicitly rejects The hardships of others who were simply not as lucky as you.

Nobody here is explicitly saying that Mr. Trump's Jet is criminal or evil or that he was wrong to use his resources to obtain an alternative mode of transportation. What we object to is using his resources, which he has iron especially in his case through sheer luck, to promote a narrative that he is smarter, harder working, or in any way better than the rest of society. I do not deride his choice of jet, or desire to live a life of comfort. I object to his choice to do so as flamboyantly and offensively as he does.

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