Somebody had an expensive oopsie at ORD last night.

This looks to be about 2-3', are you telling me you don't watch for obstacles?

I do. I also can't see my wingtip from the cockpit, and 2-3' is damned near impossible to judge relative to a 100' wing.

I know. But I assume you have a general idea about distances, otherwise I doubt you'd pass your medical.

I fucking guarantee you can't estimate 100' to within 3%.

And what about in bad weather when just about all I can see is the centerline of the taxiway? Am I supposed to diving the distance to the pole then?

Sure, but you shouldn't be running into something feet down your wing.

Are you a pilot? Because holy shit is this a stupid take. It's a couple of feet into a 100' long wing that I can't even see from the cockpit.

But your probably right, pika have no responsibly in regards to not running into things. I'm sure tie chief pilot will agree.

If a small rodent is flying your plane then you have bigger problems that running into things :)

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