Question to Gamergate: How many people here support actually support the harassment of anyone?

That depends on your definition of harassment. A lot of people seem to define harassment as anything that ends up in their twitter feed that is contrary to their view, any sort of criticism, or just being called out on their bullshit.

Harassment in my view is doxxing, posting any private/confidential correspondence or information, personal threats, encouraging mob action against individuals, stalking, using platforms like gaming "news" outlets, popular social media feeds to libel and incite action against individuals whether for social agendas or unsubstantiated criminal/civil accusations, threatening the livelihoods of individuals, misuse of law enforcement (not just swatting, but including some of the bullshit people here do like contacting The Federal Trade Commission, FBI and IRS with spurious accusations). Disagreeing with someone or making fun of someone, even while using colorful language, is not harassment. Calling someone names is not harassment.

As for women out of gaming, that depends on what your definition of what it means to be in gaming and what women we are talking about. I have no problem with women playing and making games. However, I'm convinced gaming would be better off without certain agitators, some of whom aren't really in gaming as consumers or developers, who are self aggrandizing and doing more to chase women out of the hobby and out of the industry than building bridges and entry points for women. Some of these people happen to be women. For the record there are a lot of people and corporations I would rather see out of gaming first, though, starting with Apple, Valve, Google to a lesser extent, and all the chop shops and developers who have pretty much destroyed the mobile gaming market before it even had a chance to become something more than a fucking lottery. The callousness and carelessness has caused a devaluation of the mobile market which has been creeping into the traditional market and will eventually ruin gaming for everyone.

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