I'm finally done

Most MMO’s have a vertical gear grind. If you’re not into that anymore it might be worth checking out ESO. They use a horizontal gear grind system. There is a hard level cap that hasn’t changed in years, instead you grind for new sets that have unique effects/synergies that will complement your playstyle and build. There’s a crazy amount of build diversity because of that but it can also be a headache because balancing hundreds of sets is hard so inevitably every patch has some pretty OP build synergies.

I will say I stopped playing ESO for this game though because the devs don’t seem to have a ton of the respect for the community (unlike FFXIV’s) and the cash shop is incredibly predatory. Be ready to pay a ton of money to get the coolest looking gear/mounts. I probably won’t go back to ESO despite missing the build diversity, PVP, and questing though, FFXIV is a better game despite some of the nitpicks I have tbh.

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