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I've been doing Zanki for a while now and I've suspected the intervals it gives me are messed up for a while... I reset all my settings a month ago or so and rescheduled all my cards but that doesn't seem to have helped.

When I get a new card, my intervals are 1m, 10m, 4d (like normal). If I hit 1m, the next time I get the card I will have the same intervals. If I hit 10m, I will get it in 10m and then my intervals will be 1m, 1d, 4d (like normal). If I hit 1d, then the next time I get that card, my intervals are 1m, 6d, 25d, or 2.0 months (which is fucking insane). I have checked the history of these cards and they really only show that I have seen the card 3 times before:

2019-11-13 @ 00:04 Learn 2 1d 250% 5.0s

2019-11-12 @ 23:52 Learn 2 10m 250% 5.9s

2019-11-12 @ 23:51 Learn 1 1m 250% 6.0s

My settings are as follows (I really can't imagine what in my settings is so wrong...)

Steps (in minutes): 1 10

Order: Show new cards in random order

New cards/day: 200

Graduating interval: 1 day

Easy interval: 4 days

Starting ease 250%

Maximum reviews per day: 3000

Easy bonus: 130%

Interval Modifier: 100%

Maximum interval 36500 days

Lapses steps (in minutes) 10

New interval: 0%

Minimum interval: 1 day

Leech threshold: 8 lapses

Leech action: Tag only

And that's it... nothing bizarre. The ONLY thing that I can think of is that I am not consistent with my cards, so my reviews tend to build up. Is that what's having an impact? (i.e. if I wait 2 weeks to do a review, does Anki consider that the interval that it multiplies by for the next review of that card?

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