TRP Isn't Some Super Secret Cult Knowledge We've Stumbled Upon, But a Manual to Help Betas Catch Up With the Rest of The World...

It's kind of strange to me to think that someone would need TRP to realize that casual dating exists, or to assume that only Alphas have FWBs or are aware of this. Of course women in their late teens and early to late twenties are open to casual relationships..

You're right in that you don't have to be TRP to know casual dating exists. But what you BPers don't seem to know is WHY women are so open to casual relationships in their teens and early 20s (or at least, won't accept it).

I just don't see why there's a need for TRP to come in and 'explain' this to all the men with weird condescending analogies and strange, manipulative, insecure philosophies.

There is no 'need' for TRP men to explain these things to people. Most TRPers KNOW that talking about this stuff is generally frowned upon so we know not to just talk about it with anyone. The analogies while they can be condescending, isn't necessarily bad in the way you put it. Of course these guys have a condescending language! It's to push the newer guys. One of the main things about TRP is to take responsibility of your own life and that you are essentially ALONE. And the condescending talk is one of the ways to do it. Now, while you may label some of TRPs ideas as 'manipulative', let me ask you this: How do you go about your day? Do you never say/do something to change the actions/behaviors of others or the outcomes of events? TRP's ideas are generally a means to an end. If getting laid, getting a relationship, etc. are all ends, then TRP is the means. It's the same action of some neckbeard guy talking to a girl in hopes of having sex with her. The only difference is the method of the approach. This is why TRP has labeled sexual strategy as AMORAL (not IMMORAL). Everyone does it. TRP just happens to be the one way to get good results.

I'm sure I've 'spun plates' according to the TRP definition, but it just seems weird to dissect those casual relationships, and I don't know why I would have to describe it as such or 'learn about it' from frat boys or TRPers.

Yes, it's off-putting at best to dissect these relationships. Why would you want to learn from these guys anyway, right? They just sound like douche-bag jocks! You're right. You don't have to learn from them. That's your choice. And from I've read, you must be doing something right with women anyway. What TRP is for is for the men who have NO CLUE what's going in in the dating scene and for other men, the successful and the failures, to show their results.

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