Skeptics, what are your thoughts on the Crimean situation?

This is ignorance and lack of knowledge of the situation. Why do you argue if you have no more clue compared to an average, CNN-reading citizen? I'm not insulting you, but I was expecting higher cognitive skills. FYI, I'm an American and I don't support Russia's politics. What I do support is equality, humility, empathy and people's free will to choose. If you support whatever our government is pushing, then with people like you, this country wouldn't have been built. We'd still be a colony.

I think that, at the bare minimum, foreign observers are required in a situation like this.

There was!!! There are shitton of sources that prove the fairness of the referendum and people's pro-Russia attitude. Here's one: Look up other ones if you wish. Do you want me to give you a clue why you're not aware of this? Or can you figure this out by yourself?

You also declined to respond to the unprovoked invasion and missile attack on a civilian airliner,

Yet again. This has nothing to do with Crimea. Like the other redditor has already pointed out (obviously knows how to think), Eastern Ukraine has a different situation going. This applies to MH370 which, by the way, STILL hasn't been proven to be shot down by Russians. I personally think that it was, but there's no evidence. Why do you make that claim then, fake-skeptic?

Okay, you came here to push your view and argue. You should try /r/conspiracy, they tend to be more open to these types of viewpoints.

First, you need to know what a conspiracy is. It doesn't look like you do. Anything that doesn't agree with your point of view is not a conspiracy.

Second, do you really need me to prove that CNN twists words and deliberately hides information? There's a bunch of legitimate non-US media sources that covered certain situations but completely ignored by CNN and other US media outlets to propagate their own agenda. It surprises me that you're not aware of it. Aren't you a skeptic?

Finally, I think you need to work on your critical skills a little. Sorry.

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