Actual Unpopular Opinion Thread

  • Lolicon porn and fanservice is gross as fuck and so are the people into them. I also find it weird when people root for the loli to win in a harem anime, especially if she actually IS young and doesn't just look it.

  • Clannad is overated, After Story is marginally better but is ruined by the ending, but both have great animation (coupled with an unfortunately shit art style)

  • Kill La Kill was trashy as fuck and had no depth to it despite what its fanbase may claim, its entertaining schlock at absolute best and had terrible animation for 8/10ths of every episode coupled with one passable fight scene (maybe). Soundtrack is great though.

  • I love the Monogatari series but the fanservice is completely mindless, its a weak adaptation, Nise is the worst part of the entire franchise, and the constant jokes about pedophilia and incest and pedophilic incest made by the fandom are gross. Also Hanekawa is the best written female character in it.

  • Ufotable are not actually all that great, their non-Fate work is disappointing visually and even then UBW/Zero - while very, very pretty - are both pretty poor as adaptations unless you are intensely familiar with the source material.

  • Gen Urobuchi is an absolute, overhyped hack. Saya no Uta is poorly written shock horror which really lacks any meaning or substance, Zero is inconsistent with the rest of the Fate universe in several very obvious ways that show he didn't do his research, and he can't write a compelling original narrative to save his life most of the time. I'm convinced that Zero was a fluke that came about solely because of Nasu's input and the fact he had such a detailed universe and established characters which he could lean on heavily.

  • Gundam Wing really isn't that terrible. Neither is SAO, outside the second arc. I'm not a fan of either but they're very standard for their genres and are pretty average overall. That said, SAO's second arc was really fucking terrible and drags the whole thing down for me.

  • Hunter x Hunter is not as great as you think. Its an above average Shonen that gets overhyped because the Chimera Ant arc was really good, despite how weak it starts out and its various flaws.

  • Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0 was the best one so far and I'm excited to see where Anno goes next with it, it was brilliant after the pandering crap that made up 2.0 and has me firmly convinced he knows where he's going with the series still.

  • Gunbuster is pretty shit and its main redeeming feature is that it led to Diebuster getting made.

I think that's about it for my actually unpopular opinions.

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