Early Mockup of a Design - Few Questions about this In-Particular

Hey guys, this is still in very early designing and will be altered a good amount before the official design but what I was planning on doing with this was having the manufacture put down the white layer as a screen print in the back. Then where the more grayish color is I would like it too either be a loose screen print or a thin layer of rough suede. I would like the edges that are on the outside of the print to have nothing holding it down. The red lines I would like to be red stitches holding the grey suede/print down. This piece I was planning on making it a DIY as an experience as you can do what YOU would like with the shirt. I would like to provide a custom marker with branding and a seam ripper too allow the person to distress the seams too there liking. Under the suede where it is hanging off I would like too put instructions too wash and a quote for the vision of the brand. I was wondering what you guys thought and if I found the right manufacture something like this would be possible, I appreciate any responses, thanks!

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