How did you guys grow an audience / community for your brand

Just go slow and work on perfecting whatever it is u do. Coming up with insane drops is cool but it's a quick race to the bottom in terms of funding. You're better off really refining one or two pieces into something you're proud of and doing a run of those and letting them sell out, then focusing on the next piece/small capsule. The brands that become successful have stuck around long enough to become successful. That's the real secret. If you're dropping 3 hoodies, 2 shirts, even just 1 shirt, 1 hoodie, 1 crewneck, 1 cap, 1 pair of joggers etc. it's still a huge amount of inventory to have to clear and a ton of up-front money getting them made. It's better to spend a long time perfecting a single product that you feel confident you can make a return on.

Also when you do a small collection of one or two pieces, it's easier to have a few extra to give away to celebs/influencers etc. Our first drop was a single shirt, we made 25, 20 to sell and 5 extra to have and give away. One of our first big pushes came from giving a tee to a DJ we all like. We didn't ask him to post it or anything, but a few months later he wore it at a gig, and photos from the gig came out and tons of people were in the comments asking about the tee.

My brand is small. We're gearing up to do our largest drop yet, it's only 3 items. Everything we've ever made has sold out, and part of the reason for that is we're only doing 30 piece runs. Our first drop was a T shirt. All 20 sold, so we did a hat. The hat sold out in like 3 days, so we did a shirt and a hoodie next. Those sold out too. Our price points are very high ($58 for a tee, $119 for a crewneck, $136 for a hoodie, $280 for a jacket), but the reason for this is that we only use Camber USA blanks, 4-color process printing w/ high quality inks, instead of doing DTG. Our last drop sold out in about 3 hours, which was fucking insane, and what's more it was almost all repeat customers.

Obviously you don't have to go to this extreme. There are plenty of high quality blanks that aren't union made in the USA, but if you spend the time to ensure your designs are as good as they can be, and that your product is of a worthwhile quality for your pricing, you'll continue to grow. Instagram giveaways, story shares, all that stuff can work to build your reach, but having followers on instagram doesn't mean shit if they're not buying your product, or buying it and being disappointed in the fabric weight or stitch quality and not buying again. One really good hoodie or shirt will do more for your long term growth than lots of designs you did quick.

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