Episode 3, Carousel questions *spoilers*

TS has created an entire spiritual and emotional framework of "healing" with the core belief that repressed, unhealed childhood trauma is the source of all human suffering.

So, anyone following that framework for "self-improvement" has NO other choice than to find buried memories of trauma, otherwise it won't "work." If the person says "I didn't have any childhood trauma that would have caused my issues," then they will be told that they aren't digging deep enough, that they are failing to do "the hard work."

So they will construct literally false trauma narratives in their minds so they can "heal" and be "brave" enough to do "the hard work."

And if there is a "channeling" session happening with TS acolytes involved, you can pretty much always assume that they will "uncover" some trauma that was previously "forgotten."

This is exactly why TS's teachings are so dangerous to vulnerable people who are desperately seeking peace and healing.

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