My wife (30F) convinced me (35M) to partake in an MMF threesome. I was reluctant, but I agreed. I enjoyed it. Too much. Now losing attraction to my wife. All I can think about is cock.

The fact that the fact you went from being pegged to thinking you are gay makes me think you weren’t Ever physically attracted to them before (through Porn whatever). Pegging doesn’t turn anyone gay, but yeah, sexuality is definitely fluid and there is a spectrum, both romantically and sexually. You may want to have sex, but not be romantically involved with anyone but your wife. Be honest and talk to her. Bring it up as maybe you could do it again. And maybe with a different guy or the same, however you agree. Opening up a relationship to a possible 3rd sexually is only a problem if anyone doesn’t want it. Have the sex and enjoy. It’s new, and having sex with the same person over and over isn’t always novel. You said she’s kinky and thinks it’s hot. Suggest a second meeting and see how it goes. Don’t sneak around behind your wife’s back

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