CMV: Rap is lower quality music and is overrated.

  1. The number of people involved in any artistic endeavor is not necessarily indicative of the quality of the work. I doubt there's any evidence that larger groups of people create higher quality works than people in smaller groups or individuals, and I doubt you can accurately gauge the quality of a work by the number of people involved in its creation. See: Ska.
  2. Some of the greatest poetry ever created uses rhyming schemes. Walt Whitman. Dr. Seuss. Oscar Wilde. Fucking Shakespeare rhymed. The ability to both utilize rhyme and meter and convey a mood or story is pretty impressive, and there are many, many great lyricists in the rap game.
  3. It is an inaccurate to claim that hip hop all the sounds the same, and it is a criticism as old and as wrong as rap itself. It is the same criticism to any genre of music they don't appreciate, from jazz to heavy metal. Plus, the ratio of vocals to instrumentals indicative of the quality of musical piece. Nor is the complexity of anything indicative of its quality, whether it be art or engineering.
  4. Sure, it's easy to just pirate FL Studio and make a rap song. It's also pretty easy to buy a box of playdo and make a sculpture, but that doesn't make you Michelangelo.
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