Women, what do men think YOU want in a man that you really don't care about, physically, mentally etc.?

Six foot tall, huge muscles, big dick, no body fat at all, bulging veins, be a bastard/beat someone/the woman he is with up a few times, to assert dominance.

Height? Don't care.

Muscles? I'd rather someone exercise their brain muscles than have arms as wide as my head...

No fat at all? Fuck no. I love having something to hold on to. If I wanted bones, I'd go back to school and steal the anatomy skeleton in my science class.

Bulging veins? If they look like they are about to pop, and cover me with blood/flesh/clots, that just makes me want to vomit. I don't need to see every vein in your body. (Unless you have translucent skin, like I do, which then okay, as its because of that.)

Being a bastard? HAH! That's the least sexy thing I can think of. Been with one, never again. Seriously, it was like dating a child, he was incredibly immature and rude, also cheated multiple times, and did nothing but complain. Its called dating, not babysitting.

Beating up other men/women? Just don't. Please get help if you feel the need to do that. It isn't only harming others, but you too, your mental and physical well-being matter. Would you rather be an angry brute, who ends up in jail, or someone who speaks up (fuck stereotypes, men can talk about issues too. Anyone who says they can't? Well, there's only so far they can shove their head up their own arse, before you can see it emerge, nasty Uroborus chain (Wesker would be proud.) Being dominant is fine, but please establish that the person you are dating is alright with that. Don't merely assume they are.

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