Women, what do men think YOU want in a man that you really don't care about, physically, mentally etc.?

Seeing a lot of guys ask about "all things being equal," and the thing is that there is no "all things being equal" because if you have a big dick your sex game has to be different (for the average woman who isn't a size queen).

Yes, a big dicked guy can be extremely skilled with his fingers and mouth, which will help, but if you have a big dick, chances are you will have to spend considerably more time on foreplay (to make sure she is extremely wet and ballooned out), and then will have to be careful thrusting the entire time. A smaller guy can get by on less and when things get passionate he can thrust as hard and deep as he can and never have to worry about the "gasp!! My cervix! Stop stop!"

When women say that girth is more important than length, listen to them. When we squeeze our pc muscles it's nice to have something thick enough to cling to. If a woman likes having her cervix hit, then great. If she needs deep penetration of her A spot to come, great. But if she doesn't, then a guy with a big dick, no matter how considerate a lover he is, is going to always have to hold back a little in sex, which might not be satisfying to either partner. (We like it when things get so passionate that you're railing us deep, too)

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