Europe could dodge a recession. But the UK economy is in a mess

Why would I waste my time explaining something when you're living in a far right post truth world?

Because you keep replying to me saying the same thing. So it seems you have time to waste.

You desperately need to chill. I understand that you got worked up yesterday, deleted all your comments and went on a paranoid rant. Today is a new day. Do better. Perhaps the reason you presume you're getting blocked is because you're acting in a way that warrants being blocked. Seems like a big self report. Regardless, that's in the past, move on.

This is boring,

Go back to saying stupid things, let me remind you of your greatest hits.

“You cant be left wing and capitalist”

"CNN and NYT are absolutely not left wing publications though."
"NYT an CNN are capitalist papers run by huge corporations. How are they left wing?"

More of this please.

Really open up the old noggin so I can have a good gawp.

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