PC Gaming in 2023: Paying Full Price for Beta Testing

A solid 60-70 out of a hundred.

for a boring game.

Games not being "boring" is basically the one thing I expect from a game. Games are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, a game that is not imho simply cannot be a "solid 60-70" since it already would fail at it's core.

The Witcher was also boring gameplay wise. However the story in my opinion was very good. I can't say that about Cyberpunk even though I am a huge Sci-Fi nerd.

so the witcher would be a solid 70-80 then although sucking at gameplay?

So basically games that excell at everything and in ever regard, are all time classics and the best a gamer can wish for are just at max 20-30 points better than games that basically sucks and is not enjoyable?!

No need to defend yourself, just reconsider your rating scale ^

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