do i even need to elaborate on this one

I would feel like a fraud if I did drag style!

drag style a lot of the time is just yano exaggerated femininity and is inspired by women? why as a woman would you feel like a fraud for being feminine? Before yano i got sick I used to be living like full dolly parton glam everyday even when i was in school, an bitchy people are like "where does she think shes going" "its not a fashion show" but yano I always loved looking full glam, making/altering my own clothes doing a full face of ott makeup everyday and hair pieces/extensions/wigs, nails etc. it is basically the reason I got into drag race/drag after finding it from project runway tbh.

Maybe im being a bitch but yano I just don't see why your so impressed just because men are doing it that your gushing over them to that extent, when is it really that far removed from what women do? Yeah they're great performers and entertaining/creative and have their talents but yano again think you're getting a lil carried away. an obv other people do see it as cringe too...

An why does it have to be "drag" there are female performers etc. whats really the difference in what Britney does or cher does or dita von teese or basically millions of women who perform on stage in costumes etc. ? Why does it have to specifically be "drag"

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