Ever have someone pretended to be your friend for 6 years?

Do you have Bipolar? I've never heard anyone use the term 'hypomanic' unless they are a doctor, know someone with mood-related mental health issues closely, or have one themselves. If you do, then you need to consider how this has affected you and your relationships with friends and family. Maybe they weren't making fun of you or manipulating you? If they were friends with you for 6 years, then they were probably not friends with you just to do that to you.

I cut contact with my best friend of 6 years recently, on April 1st of this year. I was mad at the situation, then sad, and now I accept that I could not handle his extremely deep emotional issues anymore. He was Bipolar and untreated and the symptoms were getting worse, causing him to treat me poorly, giving him delusional ideas about himself, and he even became violent with his own family. When I moved away from the place he was living, I cut contact with him and vented my issues to him in a text because I hadn't felt comfortable or safe speaking to him about his issues for months and had begun to avoid him. I miss the guy the way he used to be, but maybe you can learn from something from what I have told you.

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