Every day Donald Trump proves how unfit he is to lead our nation.

Oh yeah our political spectrum is literally stunted. Even "left" politicians are WAYYY off to the right.

Political decisions aside, both Trump and Biden are literally terrible people--I'm going to be able to vote soon, and I'm disgusted by those who vote terrible, disgusting, evil people into office just to satisfy their primitive tribal urge to tear down the "other" (although Reps and Dems only officially disagree on abortion and upper class taxation so the "other" is really an illusion meant to pretend Americans have choice in politics).

Trump was accused of sexually assaulting SEVERAL women (including one who alleged that he was buddies with Jeff "Pedophile Island" Epstein--as are many other politicians and rich businessmen; also, might I add that he would walk into Miss Universe and other pageant dressing rooms and leer at the often underage contestants? Yeah...) and Biden litchrally sniffs children's hair and has ALSO been accused of assaulting several women over the years.

I don't give a fuck about people who say one is better than the other. If we're at the point that we need to argue over why it's okay to vote for one molester over the other (and we are, apparently), we've truly been fucked by this bullshit system. Democratic politicians are no better than their Republican counterparts. The American people who've been conditioned to follow this facade of choice and "freedom" in the current political process aren't at fault, but holy shit to we need to do something about this. We have a political spectrum that's been shrunk down and then arbitrarily divided between two groups who are basically the same--evil. It's insane.

In conclusion, eat the rich, kill the politicians, and reform the government like the Constitution literally says we can (and like the 2nd Amendment was originally intended cough cough). Have a good dayyyyyy

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