Exhausted wife here, not sure how to help husband

I cannot stand it when people set multiple alarm clocks!!!! I think it's an extremely selfish thing to do. I had a roommate about 10 years ago who would take about an hour to wake up with probably 6 alarm clocks. It annoyed me so so so much.

If he messes up your sleep, then maybe try sleeping in different rooms if you can? I was interrupting my wife's sleep pretty regularly so we decided to sleep separately. It turned out to be really good decision. Now we're both more energetic during the day.

It sounds like he has difficulty with executive functioning. Probably very common with people who are sleep deprived! If he has lack of energy/drive then those chores can seem like a never-ending and overwhelming mountain to him. So maybe just ask him to help clean the house for 20 minutes. Set a timer. And go. Try and do whatever he can within that amount of time. If he's able to do that, then be nothing but positive about his efforts in return. Explain how much it means to you. Maybe that'll help motivate him to continue helping more when he sees how much of a difference it makes for you AND it has a time limit to it.

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