I can't fall in love with girls.

I never said i wasn't ugly and never said i was a kind of god, that girl described me that she saw me as a god but i'm Nothing just like you and her. It's also a good thing that you searched for my shitty face but the funny thing is, if i talked a kind of person you like then You wouldn't call me ugly, you call me ugly Because i talked ugly so this isn't Actually your opinion. Being kind and nice doesn't help anybodys ugly face just like me, so there is no point in helping those people. And yes that girl probably changed Because of herself not because of me, but if you see her you would call her a selfish wretch too, don't try to defend those ugly creatures while you always pick the most Beautiful flower in the farm. I can show you hundreds of shitty face men with golden heart but even if you accept them as friends you would never date any of them because they are ugly and go for a handsome guy with a golden heart and This is totally normal. Because we as humans Always go after the Beautiful things. Just Because you are also ugly like me doesn't mean You can defend those worthless peasants. Attractive people doesn't defend uglies Because they know they are not worth but since You think they are worth, then You are ugly too. you think anybody cares your stupid-ass ? You ungrateful, selfish wretch.

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