"FCC making internet a utility is just a gateway for them guverment taxin' the hell outta it."

It's not just that that makes the argument nonsense.

Okay, I can understand not supporting net neutrality from the perspective of "these corporations are providing the internet, they should be allowed to monetize it as they please". I don't agree, but that is because I apply a different philosophical value to the internet than these people. They see it in terms of the physical infrastructure that makes it up and by owning a part of that infrastructure you are free to monetize it how you please, even if it means using business practices that border on distortion. That collection of cables is his, and he should be able to charge what he wants for it.

On the other hand, I separate the "internet" as a thing from the infrastructure that makes it up. I know, literally, it is only the sum of its physical parts working together, but to look at the internet as only a series of wires and servers is reductionism to the highest degree. It would be akin to looking at the Interstate system as just a bunch of asphalt littered across the US, or a library as a paper storage facility.

It is a fundamental difference in perception of the situation, but I also don't believe that the view opposing mine is entirely invalid.

Now, with that unintentionally-long disclaimer, my point is that what makes this argument complete nonsense is that, even if we accept the common libertarian/ancap position of taxes on private property being extortionate and hurting the tax payer more than they help wholesale, what these corporations have been attempting to do and will continue to do is functionally the same as "Evil Taxes That Get Nothing Done". Please apply those scare quotes with as much condescension as possible.

In other words, if we subscribe to what I am projecting this man's logic to be -- based on the logic of people who have said basically the exact same thing -- then the choice between net neutrality is a meaningless one because the individual and the average company is getting fucked by someone. The question, then, is who is going to fuck me harder?

And I think if anyone is being honest -- even corporate-favoring conservatives -- we can all accept that Comcast is fucking you harder, monetarily, than the government is.

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