Fear that depersonalization is sign of more serious mental condition

Well me personally I think about it like this. If it is merely a thought and you are not acting on it. Say thinking someone is following you so you pull out a knife on them and ask them why they are following you. That would be a delusional thing to do and! You probably think about doing such things. But would you actually do it? That's what separates DP and OCD thoughts or "crazy feeling thoughts" a person with schizophrenia would act upon those feelings while someone with anxiety will think about them non stop. Usually at least for me to the point where they can't even think straight. If you really were face to face with the condition such as schizophrenia which again my mom also worried herself half to death over. I believe what I would do is try to give myself as much positive reinforment as I can. Reach out for help talk to people who can relate talk to your loved ones. Listen man. No mental illness is a death sentence. A crutche yes. It's a challenge that you will face and it will be a battle just as your anxiety is. But you can over come it and you can establish a way to live a good life. Now I haven't been told I have schizophrenia by any doctors so I can't speak for anyone who has it. Basically my point is your mind. The human brain is a vast impossibly complex concept and it has the power to take a simple worry and exelerate it with anxiety and OCD thoughts and it just becomes a big mess. As hard as it may seem you need to relax. This will pass but it will take time. I've been at this for a long time now and it hasn't gotten any worse there for I'm almost positive I don't have schizophrenia. I'd say your DP in cuased by your anxiety disorder. They tend to come back and hit harder then ever in the late teens. But! It gets easier. It gets so much easier. Honestly man I wish you could talk to my mom cuase she is carrying my mental health on her back right now she's knows exactly what this struggle is like.

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