Feature suggestions from a guy who's used all the major Reddit apps on iOS (5 or more apps) and Android (10 or more)

I get it. And I agree it would be unreasonable to replicate RES via Apollo. But math is math. If you're saying "I have to do what people want", then remember that your perspective is within the context of a relatively small and artificially limited number of people--tens or hundreds? Contrast that to the number of people using RES and Relay and, say, the top 5 Reddit apps for both mobile platforms. So don't replicate RES, rather grab an Android device and take notice of what features the very well designed apps like Relay have in common with RES, and then recall that these features exist based on feedback from astronomically larger userbases than you have access to, and thanks to devs who--like you--had a vision of creating an app that has what other devs didn't find enough demand for. Further, when such features exist on multiple platforms (e.g. RES and Relay), then the usefulness factor can be proportionally increased in your mental equation.

Ultimately, you've already got the vision. You've already got 90% of the features and a plan to implement more. Your app will likely be the best Reddit app on iOS because you figured out what no other devs wanted to see. And as I said, my suggestions are fit-and-finish rather than deal-breakers. But when it comes to features I've suggested that are prolific elsewhere, consider the math behind why they're prolific, rather than waiting for the local math in your tiny economy of scale here. If after 6 months people aren't beating down your door about these things, then consider that you have access to data and trends that dwarf the userbase here.

By the way, here are the sorts of numbers I was referencing. http://i.imgs.fyi/img/1l3o.jpg Literally orders of magnitude, and I would suggest that Narwhal likely has far less than even the low-generous estimate of 20k users. Guesstimating by how many users rate a very-high-rating paid app, Narwhal likely has <10k users and closer to 5k.

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