Feel nothing

I'm sorry. Maybe You misunderstood my comment or my comment fell below someone elses. I TOTALLY understand your story. (You basically ARE me by the sounds of it). I never took chemistry. I used a basic Kitchen Synthesis. My gram per ML result was different from yours.

I could tell you my hourly 'go to' was 2.25ML liquid of My own concentration. Concentration, weight, tolerance, daily useage all matters. Zanny76, I DO believe you're doing things correctly. I'm glad you are taking Precautions, asking questions, taking time between dosing.

Whenever I bought GBL from a new source, I just had to be cautious & test stuff out also. Took a good week to know my Sweet Spot. Then I took notes, measured, followed everything down to PERFECT for me.
I just want to see everyone be safe. Somehow I ended up in the Hospital 3 times over 6 years because I was less than careful in dosing. ** PLEASE do me/you a favor: tell your girlfriend/friends what you've taken OR at Least take a marker & write "GHB" on your palm of hand. DM me if you seek further insight. My history is too long to go into detail here.

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