The first five pages of "Who is Thomas Pynchon... and why did he take off with my wife?" by Jules Siegel


Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 00:06:58 -0400

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Subject: Jules Siegel Playboy Article

Hello All!

Here is the much requested playboy article re TRP. Unlike, Ron Churgin (thsspce) I am a sucker and asked my local library if they had a copy of the 1977 March Playboy, particularly the Siegel article. After the person on the other end snickered a little, he said he would check. Sure enough, they had it. And even more unbelievably, it contained the article I was looking for (can you believe it, someone really is searching for a playboy article, maybe that saying about playboy articles is true?). Anyway, it was even worse when I showed up at the library. As soon as I asked for the reserve copy in my name, they immediately knew who I was and gave me looks (you pervert, why lie about it, just say you want to see the issue). In fact, one lady (b*&ch) actually scowled at me. Well, enough of my tale and on w/ the story. Please forgive for those who don't want this, it is fairly long, though not as long as GR.

First Five Pages (next five sent shortly hereafter)

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