Flowers and Microchips [FF, SciFi]

Pt. 2.

Lady Orchid was hoping Lily would say "I'm tired, can we leave it for later?", but she knew that Lily would penetrate her, violating both her body and her ethical integrity.

Don't, Lily, please don't, please don't, please don't gasp!

It was too late. Lily had penetrated her, and began kissing her and caressing her like a true lover would. Her fingernails slid through her body, joining at strategic places and spreading apart, creating ripples of pleasure and desire that contorted all her body. A solitary finger slid down her torso, from the armpit to the leg, back and forth. And when Lady Orchid felt an urge to touch herself, the other hand was already there, rubbing up and down.

Hypnotized by the caresses, Lady Orchid moved and lay on all fours, thinking it was better to let Lily finish her duty as fast as she could. She felt her breasts being fondled and caressed; her nipples being softly pinched and twisted; her vulva being pressed, her clit being fondled. With each thrust, her breasts swang. Lady Orchid looked at herself in the mirror as Lily kept thrusting.

Stupid mirror, why did she have it installed in the first place? It worked perfectly for training, but now, it was an embarrassment. Her own face was a face of desire; she licked her lips as the girl pleased her, and looking at both her gaze and Lily's was like a forbidden fruit.

What am I doing? Why do I keep doing this? I don't want to hurt her feelings… if I could just tell her to stop coming here, if she would just obey and leave for good...

But her body spoke differently. "Uh… uh… aaahh… more… yes… there… more… ahhhh…"

Lady Orchid heard a voice speak in her mind; a voice she hated but that she couldn't silence. That was the price of joining K41n's network and having his mental symbiote installed in her brain implants.

Enjoying true love, dear?

Can't you just tell her to stop?

I have to suffer your stress, your fears and guilt, and you don't let me have my moment? Fuck, no. I need as many orgasms as you do. You tell her to stop.

I can't...

The symbiote forced her neck to straighten and her eyes to look at herself in the mirror. Tall, Chinese, brown eyes, and cheeks that were blushing like the planet's second moon. Lady Orchid had always admired her stoic attitude. She loved being admired by her flowers, and feared by men. But seeing herself like this, vulnerable, controlled, and liking it, it destroyed her self-confidence, reminding her of her own fragility.

Look at you, being fucked like a street bitch on its four legs. You like it, don't you? Bitch?

Stop, please…

You know you like it. And so does she. Who's training who?

Lady Orchid hated when he did that. Humiliating her like a beast… but she knew it aroused her. And that's why she knew she couldn't complain against the symbiote. It was part of her, and many times it acted on her hidden desires, putting her pleasure above her dignity, until her resistance stopped and she had finally accepted defeat.

I hate you.

Lady Orchid looked down, realizing the symbiote had finally let her go. She stared at the pillow, thankful for the release. The symbiote also knew her limits. Now there was nothing that prevented her from feeling sexual pleasure consume her in body and mind.

Lily began increasing her rhythm more and more, until Lady Orchid couldn't contain herself. She began grabbing her own breast, and rubbing her clit. Her hands were out of control, her whole body was out of control. She began rocking herself against Lily; she started moaning louder, and louder…

In a room below, decorated with purple Victorian drapes and a velvet carpet, a group of girls wearing bronze-colored leather collars was sitting on the open bed, paying attention to the sensual sounds above them. Two of the girls were sitting on the bed on all fours, struggling to contain the full weight of the eavesdropper standing above them. The spy, the tallest one, was holding a plastic cup against the ceiling, smirking like a five year-old child who had found the cookies above the fridge.

"Did you hear her again?" whispered one of them.

"Why does she moan like that with Lily?" "What's her secret?" "I wish I was there."

"Hey, hey!" whispered another. "Do you think some romance could appear between them?"

Losing her balance, the girl who was spying fell down on the bed.

"OW!" "Be careful!"

"Shhh! They'll hear us!"

After they muffled their giggling, they went on with the romantic intrigue.

"So, do you think they'll fall in love?"

"They're already in love, you idiot! You have to be blind not to notice!"

"No, they'd both have to be gay."

"What if they are and are hiding it?"

"Can you imagine them marrying and inviting us to the ceremony?"

All the girls squeed and covered their mouths not to be heard above. They didn't need cheap soap operas to watch on TV. The brothel was their own soap opera, and for many, it was much better than what they had to live at home.

"Hey, what if Lily gets to inherit the house? Can you imagine her training you?"

As the moans above them became louder, the girls bit their lips and began fantasizing.

"Oh yes, please, let me come like that, umfff!"

"We must improve our training", one said. "Hey, let's bet who gets to silver first!"

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" shouted Miss Rita, storming into the room. Miss Rita was one of Lady Orchid's sepals, and second in command. She was holding a small whip used to discipline the disobedient.

The girls stood up. "Nothing, nothing!"

"And this is how you pay us for letting you stay in here. Don't you have other work to do rather than gossiping? Do this bed! Swipe the rooms and dust the furniture, NOW!"

"Yes, Miss Rita! Right away!"


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