Focus On The Family's position on being trans. (yes, it's pretty much what you expect it to be)

Then you should know that FOTF is simply a resource that Christian Parents use to refer to in order to try and raise their children in a scriptural way. I can't really fault Christian parents trying to do what they think is best for their children that aligns with scripture and their Christian Values.

Hate? Evil? You really want to use those words to describe FOTF? Why? Because their interpretation of scripture when it comes to LGBT issues doesn't align with yours? That makes them hateful and evil?

You want to talk hate? You want to talk evil? How about ISIS, brutally murdering and executing innocent journalists? Beheading people for being associated with western society? Mass executing hundreds of people for not joining them? That is what hate and evil is.

How about Mexican Drug Cartels? There may not be a more violent group of hate and evil than Mexican Drug Cartels, disembowling anyone associated with law enforcement in Mexico. That is what hate and evil is.

North Korea? Talk about an evil, hateful dictatorship, sending people to labor camps for the rest of their life because their 3rd cousin didn't bow to a statue of Kim long enough.

Boko Haram? Al-Qaeda? Other militant Islamist groups? That is hate and evil.

Inner City gangs like MS13 and the like. They commit a lot of violence and crime. That is hate and evil.

You could even make a case for the KKK and neo-nazis as being hateful and evil because they hate people who are not like them.

But Focus on the Family? Really? Lumping them in with TRUE hate and evil groups that exist? All because they are a group trying their best to faithfully interpret scripture and live a God-fearing life according to those beliefs? That's nothing compared to true hate and evil. When has FOTF ever called for violence? When have they ever called for offensive hate? FOTF is a RESOURCE. They aren't Westboro who actively goes on offense and condemns people. They don't go up to people on the street and say "YOU ARE WRONG! YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!" None of that happens. They don't stick their nose in people's matters or lives. They are a resource. And I have no issues with how they decide to interpret scripture because that is between them and God.

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