How did you move on from a really terrible friendship breakup?

I was sad. I had a friend I really liked... and then she slept with my boyfriend and spread nasty rumors and started bullying others in our workplace. And get this - we were over the age of 30. It was wild. I just had to very immediately cut her off and out of my life. When I felt like I missed her, I had to really examine the red flags I ignored and why I ignored them. It was about the same time I went to therapy to examine why I had ignored red flags about the boyfriend she slept with and it was a very transformative experience for me. I learned so much about boundaries. I was mistaking my crappy boundaries for kindness and love. I kept allowing these people with chaotic lives into my life.

So, I stopped. I focused on why the friendship wasn’t healthy and why it had to stop so I’d never end up in a relationship of any kind like that again. I haven’t.

Focus on what you can learn. Work on yourself. Move onward.

All the best.

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