From Rob's Blog: WEIRD TALES: LET’S MAKE A CHARACTER (Shadow of the Weird Wizard)

> Just watch out Bob: the Orcs in this game sound like the ones that WotC got in trouble for. Don't want them coming for you next!

What a disingenuous take that shows no understanding of the actual topic at hand.

WotC got criticised for mechanically "othering" orcs by describing them as inherently tending towards stereotypes historically assigned to to black people by historical racists, while making them a non-core species with significant hits to core attributes that line up neatly with those racist takes.

Schwalb describes them as "much like anyone else" but with a large number of shitty religious leaders that have a lot of sway, with none of the language or tropes used by historical racists, and no mechanical reinforcement of shitty historical racist tropes.

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