Jealous ex (22m) is going to tell my family my (20f) boyfriend’s (23m) darkest secret

I believe Ashley was 14-15 at the time, and Kurt was 18. Kurt also finished high school at 19 since his birthday is late, so everyone was a year younger than him I believe.

I’m afraid to tell my parents about John because then they won’t trust me to date guys afterwards. I come from a very strict family background and I had to fight to start dating when I did. Knowing how John treated me, they’re going to assume I don’t know how to pick guys and that I can’t leave toxic relationships.

I have been threatened by them to disown me in the past with John. I feel like John kissed my parents’ asses because he always wanted to be involved in everything, so my parents accepted him. I’ve also been threatened to be disown by dating Kurt. Even though they don’t say it anymore, one wrong move and that’s it basically.

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