This is why there are so few women in tech.

I'm sorry you dealt with shitty women in nursing school.

It was actual nurses who seemed to have a problem. It was the older ones. I'm generalizing here but I was meet with open arms by most students/younger teachers. Sometimes I laughed because they said stuff while meaning well it was highly not PC. Like guys are good at math. Or guys are hard workers. It was good stereotypes but stereotypes none the less. That said the style of education I experienced isn't geared to how I learn.

I would think you would understand having seen gender discrimination first hand, yet you accuse me of playing the victim card?

We aren't communicating well. I'm simply saying don't jump to conclusions. I've never seen a women hurt by the fact she is a women. I have only ever seen it help them. I know discrimination still happens though. I'm a little jaded because I've only ever seen women get helped by their gender in my personal life experiences. That said I know women face still face issues.

I want to believe that people who actually believe that a women can't do as well as a man fixing a computer are in the minority, but now I'm wondering if I've just been lucky up to now encountering generally non-biased workplaces.

Try larger companies or Equal Opportunity employers. They are usually more friendly towards a balanced workplace.

Unrelated somewhat I have mixed feelings on AA and gender stuff. The medical field for doctors has the URM stuff. Nursing is making what I'll call a half assed attempt to get more guys in it. Still one of my textbooks says guys must have a female present for pericare. On /r/studentnurse some guys have to be chaperoned on the OB rotation while the girl nurses don't. The idiots are degrading their own jobs by implying guy nurses can't be trusted by guy doctors can but I'm getting off topic. Getting girls into STEM is all the rage. I suppose in the long run a gender neutral everything will be good. However, certain fields I think will always attract different people just by their very nature. You won't get a lot of inner city people who are going to be interested in farming.

I'm sure your just venting but just keep at it and keep applying and stay professional.

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