This is why there are so few women in tech.

What is like to be able to play the victim card all the time? It must be glorious. Let's just put the pitch forks down for a second. As a guy who dropped out of nursing school lets just say I've had the privilege of enjoying that experience, the lateral violence and something that if would have had the rolls been gender reversed it would have been an outrage. Further I've seen women with less technical skills in my field hired because they are women. My buddies scored 100% and 80% on a test. The two women scored 0%. They should have never been interviewed because they had the wrong degree but that is also why they scored zero. They hired my buddy with 100% and the two girls who scored 0 percent.

Last guys and girls don't always communicate well. He might have just been an awkward person that wanted to warn you for whatever reason so you weren't uncomfortable. They might have offered it to a women who then went on later to quit. You still might get an offer. I think you handled it well.

I can't help but think if there were a man's name at the top of my resume, I would have a job by now.

I don't think that is it. Again I know gender stuff cuts both ways but I have seen women blame shit on being women when honestly the only reason they have the job is because they are women.

Of course they aren't going to progress in the company. This causes problems because you have people that haven't ever been told "No." in their entire lives. Then they blame the lack of progression on being a women. It has nothing to do with there gender.

So again you might truly be facing some issues. I'm not going to discount that because I faced them to and the nursing subs on reddit were ready to crucify me and told me it was wrong to feel that way.

Just keep at it and don't jump to gender being the reason. At least you are getting interviews. You might be going up against people with more education and experience. Just keep it professional and keep applying.

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