[Serious] What is your opinion of people who commit suicide?

I've been considering it for the past few days, so maybe I can give you a rare perspective. I won't go into any sob stories. I learned that deep down no one gives a shit anyway. But I will say I've had these tendencies come at the worst of times before, as young as 12 or 13.

When a not-so-close friend found out about one of these times, she got visibly upset. I honestly, truly, didn't understand it. I always felt that people who want suicide, have the right to it. And I still feel this way, but I think you should read the rest before you comment on this belief. But mainly this belief was founded on the idea that it is our lives, and if we should choose that we no longer wish to continue with these lives, it isn't anyone's place to say otherwise (being that you cannot own someone elses life). Of course, I don't think people would argue with that. The reason people make an attempt to stop it, isn't because it's a choice, but because it's a polluted choice. It's a clouded mind. And it's almost always about suffering. When it just gets too much. Imagine that, years of suffering. Imagine not being able to sleep because you know that you're going to wake up tomorrow. And tomorrow has more bullshit. The rest of the world is fine, it's your world that's all kinds of fucked up left and right. So you forget about others. I forget about others sometimes. You just get so caught up in yourself.

I have a girlfriend. Maybe a year ago, it wouldn't have mattered. But I only just recently realized why that friend was upset. You're leaving this world. They want you here. They want you with them, and to say the only reason you want someone to endure the suffering is so you can have them, sounds selfish. It's a selfishness built on care. And you're scared of saying the wrong thing. I've seen it in their face. I've seen that fear. I'll be honest, seeing someone struggling that hard, focusing that much to say the right thing, it makes you feel better.

Honestly, the best way to stop me, isn't to tell me why I should live. I know cake exists, okay? I can come up with my own reasons to live. If you honestly can't stop what's causing the suffering, you need to let them know you'll do whatever you can to help stop it. And not just words, because I've found myself ignoring words like I would ignore a bug. Gotta make that attempt.

I'm not gonna do a TL;DR, because this took time and feelings I don't want to feel to type it, so you'll read it goddamnit. But I will summarize it into one idea. I never understood that people wanting you here was a big deal. I never made that connection into an actual feeling, an emotion. If I killed myself, I better be ready to accept myself as selfish, because there's at least one person who loves me enough that it would hurt them like I've been hurt. If you don't have that person, you'll find it, that's a lifetime guarantee. But of course it's our life. Our suffering. To end it isn't crazy, it's just clouded.

Just a side thought, but I'm not actually scared of dying because of this experience. I've come face-to-face with it. 0% scared. But I am scared that I will never see the one person I love for a long time. Honestly if it wasn't for her, this would be way too easy.

Whenever I post about suicide, I usually delete it 5 minutes later anyway. No one usually reads my walls of text. Why should they, waste of time. But it was nice to see my thoughts in front of me.

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