Why will the Giants win the World Series? Why won't they? (Odd year/Not-Even year is NOT an acceptable answer!)

Why we will: -Bumgarner continues his pitching dominance, and the rest of the rotation picks up the slack so that we don't have to rely on Bumgarner to carry us again like in the postseason. -Timmy (Lincecum) and Cain return to form, and Peavy and Hudson just plays slightly (it doesn't have to be significantly more, just slightly) better than in 2014. -Bullpen "core four" (Affeldt, Lopez, Romo, Casilla) remains clutch and continues to make a strong impact, and hopefully good enough to keep Hunter Strickland as far away as possible from the Giants bullpen (Giants' Triple-A home in Sacramento) is far enough. -Hopefully Ishikawa's improved his outfield skill set during the offseason (so far it's promising), so that we can rely on him to play outfield a little more, which leads to a decent option at bat. -Offseason signings (Aoki and McGehee) pan out in our favor. Aoki is a speedy upgrade in the outfield, to an already stacked outfield. Hopefully Pagan returns and makes some impact, especially with Pence out thru May. McGehee is no Pablo, but he's a decent alternative nonetheless. -More Panik = less panic. Get it? Also let's not forget Brandon & Brandon LLP. at SS and 1B (sorry Hicks, not sure if you'll be on the 25 man roster come April). -Someone from the bench (Arias, Perez, Hector, etc...) emerges as

Why we won't: -Bumgarner gets hurt from carrying the Giants again, Cain has more bone chips, Peavy goes fully blind, Hudson and Lincecum only go by their first name and they both suffer from an identity crisis. -Pagan continues to have back problems (which is a continuing problem right now in Spring Training). -Pence comes back from his arm injury, and I hate to think this, but it's a potential reality, doesn't perform as well as he did before. -Aoki and McGehee become free agent signing flops, and we're left with the fond memories of that fat guy in Boston. -Haven't even mentioned Posey so far, but my fear is that he's still worn out from 2014, and struggles.

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