[Fu4M] Reclaiming my ex when I see him out with his new girlfriend, just to know I can. Don't worry, I won't tell her how hard you came for me.

My family was so excited. Everyone loves my new girlfriend, and they were also secretly happy that I'd moved on from you. My new girlfriend was more the preppy type, played soccer, and had medium length blonde hair, brown eyes, with soft yet striking features. We went to the same university, and our paths crossed a lot, even when we were both dating other people. She's a lot different than you, practically the polar opposite. But things keep trending in the right direction with her, and soon we moved in together, right before our the wedding.

While everything is going well, I also feel this little nagging in the back of my head. I shake my head like I'm physically trying to make the images of being taken by you go away. But I just can't help but imagine all our kinky times together, and how much I miss it.

I try to push all those feelings aside the day of the wedding. I knew you would be there because you were friends with the bride who seemingly was friends with everyone in our class. I only know people through my girlfriend, and she's off helping out with centerpieces and seating charts and other small tasks.

Leaving me all by myself. A few times I happen to look your way and we catch eyes. First it was the wink, then the little finger wave, and then after the ceremony and dinner, while the music was playing. I feel tense and decide to try to calm down with a trip to the bathroom. Just as I'm about to step inside I feel a push in my back, turning to see that it's you.

My eyes get big and my heart skips a beat as the door clicks shut and you turn the lock with an air of finality. In your presence, all alone, I can't even manage to find my voice. I just make silly little mumbling noises in pretend protest. I get all blushy and squirmy as you corner me in the bathroom, making the most adorable little whimpering noise when you say the words good boy.

Your body pressed to mine, your size throbbing into me as you mark me with a sultry bite, I finally manage to squeeze away from you, my back pressed to the locked door like I'm in a cage with a lioness. "Please don't do this..." I beg, my voice fraught. But deep down, I knew I would give in. I would try to resist it, but there's nothing I wouldn't do to be your good boy again.

Sorry for the long comment! I wasn't able to send a PM. I adore your post and I would be so excited to write with you! I'd love to connect and share some more ideas on the trajectory of the roleplay and align on kinks/limits and character references and much more! If you're interested, would you send me a PM?

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