Fuck off with the squid parties

Here I'll make this clear. That's sabotaging. Not playing casually. If you don't want people to hate squid parties, then why queue FOR turf when you know there's people trying to play and are getting angered by it?

People do it in rank too, and their excuse? "Lol just a game."

Either way, doing it in either is shitty.

Players queue turf war to gain xp, cash, work on weapon rating, AND to grind ability chunks to work on their gear when they don't want to risk doing that in rank.

Squid partiers clearly don't care about doing any of that. So that makes it even more contradictory on them for not taking it to PBs where you can't work on any if it there.

I use to tolerate squid parties, but at this point, I'm getting sick of seeing the shit when it belongs in private lobbies.

So yeah, it's a valid reason to get frustrated.

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