[Game of Thrones episode 3 spoilers] Okay, I'm curious. Outside of playable characters, who of the OC's do you trust?

Ser Royland and Duncan are definitely in the "trust" spectrum of things. Like others have said, Ser Royland has been willing to lay down his life for the Forresters several times, and although Duncan gives me sketch vibes sometimes he seems to fulfilling his duty to Lord Forrester without question.

Cotter and Finn... hooo boy. I trust them both I guess, even after Finn ran off and tattled after I made a pinata out of Britt. At this point, I basically see Finn as a scared child and Cotter as a possible Wildling insider. I really hope Cotter didn't lie AGAIN about the Wildling thing, but Gared is basically on his own right now and could use a friend who claims to know the North Grove. I was hoping to persuade Finn towards the cause, but I honestly don't want him to get killed. That would make me feel bad, the guy is scared shitless already.

Coalboy.... Jesus F Christ. What to say about this guy. He's sketchy, he's stalking Mira, and he's been "helping" me out more than anybody else in King's Landing. I burned the Ironwood decree at his urging, however, which makes me feel like he may be a spy for the wrong side. We'll see... if he turns out to be working for the Whitehills I will Damien his ass so quickly I swear....

Sera is untrustworthy, as she seems to be playing the Game of Thrones. I've been acting as her friend but not divulging ANY relevant information, I even made her leave when I was talking to Margaery. She'll fuck Mira over given the chance. The maester is sketchy and kind of irrelevant, but I doubt he's the traitor. Mamma Forrester is likely the traitor, relinquishing secrets in exchange for the promise of Ryon being returned safely.

Oh, and Gwyn. Gwyn is a bitch, AND a Whitehill. I'm done with her, not making any more promises with the enemy. Give me another "smash Whitehill with goblet" option and I'll fucking take it this time, damn you Gwyn.

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